Vector Lighters

Vector group is in business from 30 years now. They have established a reputation for their quality and craftsmanship to create vector lighters. They offer the finest lines of butane torch lighters available on the market today. The other brands beat a path, since these lighters have repeatedly provided kind of intense and high performance flames with strong reliability.

While other brands beat a path to fashion and design, the Vectors allows you to toast your cigar from a relaxed table top lighters extending adjustable flames with refillable fuels. Furthermore, they pack nearly all their products in a gift box for effortless international shipping. Moreover, some of the lighters are offered in metal cases.

The cigarette lighter is known for it’s value for money reputation. They design indoor and outdoor products in car heater from cigarette lighter designed for serious purposes, rather of professional quality. You can shop for your choice lighters as they are handy pocket sized triple flame lighters with wind resistant features. They are beautifully built and sleek in style.

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