Table Lighters

From ages, Table Lighters are usually designed in several shapes and sizes. Also, some cigarette lighter heater is created with a balanced weight distribution to light lamps. These vintage models feature stationary form of cigarette and cigar lighter with a polished steel surface. They are usually made of metal like silver, bras, copper or gold. Even more, certain cigarette lighter receptacle are build to accomodate a Naptha liquid.

Earlier, lighters were earlier designed to be displayed in home or at public establishments. While the popular Ornate table lighter is produced in collaboration with renowned porcelian and glass companies like wedgewood in finest Jasperware. Colibri produced their models etched with metal bases. Likewise, the graphic patterns from the mid 1920s and 30s were covered by the lucalite and bakalite.

Most noteworthy is the table lighters are usually designed in various fashion resembling the contemporary stationary. These stationary lighters mirror small vehicles, tiny bombs, planes, miniature animals or even birds alike. The most famed model among them is the tiny bar designed by Ronson. Rather simple chrome lighters are usually preferred by the common man and they are used by the companies for typical promotional purposes for the companies. Consequently, Zippo reissued their version of table lighter that could be attached to the chrome pedestal and be used as a stationary table lighter.

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