S.T. Dupont Limited Edition Collections

St Dupont has for a long time provided great collection of cigar lighters as well as pens with smooth functionalities. Also, lighters and pen are created with quality uniqueness. As a result, they are adored with variety colored lacquer and meteorite dust and a fine palladium finish. It is an excellent choice for customers who love a make of rich marque models placed on their interiors.

The group presents the most unique st dupont lighters. Also, the PICASSO pen drawn by the great pablo picasso is a tribute to the masterpiece of the 20th century. Furthermore, it has been the product of the year 1965. The inspiration that they receive from the wild west have contributed to their collection of minute engravings.

The orient express lighter as well as the ligne 2 empire prestige lighter are both the supreme makes from St. Dupont company. The former is a blue colored brilliance with fine simple features that can attract any aficionado, while the latter is an attractive masterpiece with excellent linings at the border. the functioning of both the lighters is the best. Rather, the James Bond 007 is also one of the most popular make from them.

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