Passatore Cutters

Passatore offers the cigar enthusiasts and cigar smokers a huge number of well chosen cigar accessories. The oval yellow two fingered cigar cutters can cut your cigars up to a 57 ring gauge. In contrast, their square metal cutters can give your 60 ring gauge cigar an ideal cut. The team of Passatore generates a sharp toothed blade that promises to give your stogie a razor sharp cut.

Passatore also manufactures a 7mm round cutter. Their dual bladed cigar cutters come packed in a fine attractive gift box. Cigar case with cutter is presented for some of their models. These small portable smoking accessories are so compact that they can easily be added to your keyring. Moreover, the twin punch Passatore cutters do provide duo features with a two German made blades – one with a small and the other with large diameter.

This accessory is best fit for novice cigar smokers. for the reason that they are build with an easy mechanism for cutting cigar. Although, you will know which end of cigar to cut, the method to cut the cigar also counts. Thus, you can count on this brand. Above all, they also provide quality table cigar cutter.

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