Jemar Cigar Cases

Jemar leather cigar case are build with a high quality and naturally tanned material.  Besides, they are build free from chemicals, suitable for larger ring gauge cigars such as the Robusto, and the Piramides. Equally importantly, the Jemar cigar case can hold cigars with a ring gauge up to 56 and a diameter of 16mm. For this reason, it has become a favorite accessory among all the Jemar products.

The prime aspect of portability in these cigar cases makes it easy to be carried in your jacket pockets with great ease. The size of cigar pieces that one can safely carry in these cases can extend from 2″ x 5.75″ to 2″ x 8.75″. They come in a natural looking brown leather made in Spain. The Company’s taste and the historical fashion of creating such excellent cigar accessories makes it a perfect gift that could be treasured in the special moments of you life.  In addition, the different sizes in which they are created are a pleasing token of appreciation. Last of all, they can hold delicate to strong cigar pieces.

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