Donatus cutters

Germans craft the most intricate instruments – the Donatus Cutters. These sharp tools are crafted in the small town of Solingen in Germany also known as Germany’s “city of Blades”. This town is home to most of the Germany’s knives. They are known to build masculine yet simply elegant cigar cutters. You can choose from the different consistently channeled designs that are made since 1959 in the town of Solingen. The Donatus group may lack the name recognition of several cigar brands, although these smoking accessories usually deliver a clean cut of cigar cutters. Their best make is the Gold plated V cutters.
The two most famed cutters, one the Donatus Triple Line which is a bit large in size although feels good in your hands when you hold it between your fingers. This piece of fashion accessory comes wrapped in a satin finish. The other is the Donatus triple liner that is the best of it’s kind. It is one of the company’s flagship items.

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