Cigar Ashtrays

Cigars also require a cigar ashtray more than just a lighter. Keeping in mind your requirements, Elie Blue has designed ashtrays that are highly qualified in functionality which can also accommodate your cigars with largest ring gauge too.

A variety of materials including a lead crystal, wood, metal and ceramic are utilized to build cigar ashtrays. Those of you who love to have a quick smoke on your patio, will admire an addition of crystal and ceramic ashtrays to your collection of cigar accessories. Further, crystal and ceramic are most popular for patio smoking. Similarly, there are some cigar ashtrays that come inbuilt with cigar rests to hold your cigars. Rather, you can carry a few ashtrays in your jackets as they are light weighted. The different sizes of cigar ashtrays from small to big allow you to do so. Hence, discover a collection of your choicest cigar ashtrays only for your favorite cigars online uk.

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