Boveda Humidification

Boveda Humidification

Boveda can be executed in a full range of from a relatively humid levels like 13 to 95 % precise humidity atmosphere for any cigar products. The packs of boveda have become the ultimate cigar storage tool that can keep your cigars from getting dry and damage. When it comes to humidifying your smoke, it offers a two way humidification, generating a lasting freshness.

They offer several relevance apart from humidity control, Seasoning and hygrometer calibration are two of the others. The life span of a Humidor is based on how hard it has been used. the revolutionary humidification packs from boveda are pre-formulated to a specific RH level. Thus, you don’t need to  bother about keeping eye on before using the product.

Likewise, the most recent slim Boveda design lets you carry it with ease. Rather, it helps you avoid carrying distilled water or any PG solution. Further, just be sure not to mix the humidity levels on the safer side. Each of these 8gm packs will last you around more than two months. Consequently, when you feel they have started to dry and become crisp, it is time you replace them.

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