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Cuban Regional Editions

The Cuban Regional Editions

Each cigar bears two bands, one for the brand and the declared "Exclusivo
Reino Unido" or "Exclusivley for the United Kingdom.

For 2010 Por Larrañaga Regalìas de Londres, Each cigar bears two bands, one for the brand, which is a recreation by Hunters & Frankau of a century old design, and the other declaring “Exclusivo Reino Unido” or “Exclusively United Kingdom”.

For 2009 Hunters and Frankau released 2000 Boxes of the following, Juan Lopez Seleccion Suprema and El Rey Del Munod Choix de L Epoque.

2008-Punch Serie D Oro No.1 and La Gloria Cubana Gloriosos are the 2009 Regional Editions for the UK.

Just 20,400 LA Gloria Cubana Glorisos have been made at the Partagas factory. They are presented in 2040 numbered varnished boxes with rounded sides contianing 10 cigars each.

2007-Por Larranga Magnifico