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De Olifant Cigars

The leaning walls, the ancient brick floors and De Olifant Cigarsthe timber platforms of Cigar Factory De Olifant are saturated with the aromas of tobacco and cedar wood. This little monument of a cigar factory has been producing tobacco products since 1832. For certain, extended periods of time, the factory was mainly used as a museum; however its production capacity was restored in mid 1980�s. Using its pre war machines, of which the oldest dates back to 1888, only a handful of workers are producing the cigars.
The factory produces nine models of cigars using twenty tobacco types � always using the same formulas: the valuable Sumatran sand-leaf as wrapper leaf, the Java leaf as binder, and as filler a blend of Brazil, Havana, Java and Sumatra tobaccos.

An Olifant cigar is a top quality cigar produced in the tradition of the old master craftsmen produced in nine different cigar models that offer the smoker a complete range of smoking pleasure � for short or extended enjoyment, from a mild to a strong smoking experience

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