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Juliany Maduro Cigars

Havana Houses highly recommended JULIANY cigars.Juliany Maduro Cigars
These new cigars come from one of the Dominican Republics biggest cigar producers, Abeja Cigars. The company is run by Bienvenida Ovalles, one of the few women in the world to have opened her own factory.
She has deservedly earned a worldwide reputation for delivering consistent, high quality cigars and has recently been previewed in Cigar Journal, a well respected publication in the trade.
JULIANY cigars are rolled with high quality Dominican leaves and first impressions show brilliant construction. This is further emphasised with the long ash which stands as this cigar is smoked. Rich in flavour, we believe JULIANY are the finest cigars available to the UK at the price they are offered at.
Available as singles and in bundles of 20, the Maduro line has a slightly stronger and richer taste in comparison t the regular line and again proves fantastic value.