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Humi Pouch

The Humi Pouch has a revelutionary patented tobacco preservation system. 1The first all natural alternative to traditional humidors, the Humi Pouch products are inexpensive, reclosable, portable, and maintenance free. A premium cigar is fragile in nature and requires humidification. Tobacco needs to breath to age properly. Cigars like slow changes as opposed to rapid ones. The Humi Pouch permits cigars to breathe and adjust to changes slowly. The Humi-Pouch was engineered with a built in "lag time" for adjusting to outdoor conditions. Once returned to a conditioned environment, the Humi-Pouch will rebound slowly, protecting the taste, quality, and construction of the cigars.

The technology used by the Humi-Pouch is similar to that used by a professional walk-in humidor. It has daily air exchanges and a natural moisture source. The result is the Humi-Pouch maintaining a relative humidity level of 68-72% using an all natural humidification process.

Other humidification devices use salt solutions or chemicals in non breathing barrier bags which do not permit a daily exchange of air. This lack of aeration can cause a build up of odors and gases, and may cause damage to the cigar. The Humi-Pouch eliminates any risk associated with the absorption of chemicals.

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