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Cigar Selections

Cigar Selections are the ultimate choice when it comes to choosing a rolled bundle of aromatic Cigars. Moreover, the collection promises to tantalize and enrich every cigar aficionado’s life.


Cigar Accessories

The accessories for Cigars and tobacco are meticulously curated for the ultimate in refined smoking enjoyment. Therefore, browse through our shop and grab all popular cigar accessories.


Tobacco Selection

A host of benefits from vast selection of premium Tobaccos just waiting to be put into your pipe and smoked, stimulates the feel of tobacco.


All you need is an excellent choice from renowned brands to assemble a drink that would just add to your leisure.

Drinks are the most comprehensive assortment of products brewed skillfully for cigar diplomats at industry leading price. Besides, collecting and consuming delicious and redolent spirits have been a luxurious enthusiasm from way back to 5ooBC. Because, socializing is just a dry event without these spirited drinks.

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Regal Cigars - Purveyors of fine Cigar

Regal Cigars – is one of UK’s quick evolving website specialists in Tobacco and cigars. We offer the best hand rolling cigars, pipes and e liquid. Our office is based in Northern London as we are a trusted mail order catalogue websites. We have been online for over twenty five years, therefore keep experience in helping you make the perfect choice in your purchase.